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about dennis



Thanks for stopping by. I thought I’d share a little more about what makes me tick.

My photography (I started when I was eight years old) reflects how I view the world: as one huge creative playground where I try to capture bits and pieces to share with others. I’m not constrained by certain themes; rather I continually try new subjects as I find them. They build on one another and I find that the story is evolving. Other artists work with a mix of media; I do the same, changing techniques and cameras as the situation dictates.

Living for 14 years in Hungary and working throughout Europe taught me how to look at life from multiple perspectives and appreciate the local nuances that shape how people view their world. Living abroad was amazing and clearly changed how I view life in general which consequently has influenced my creative work.

I believe that we’re all creative and some people have simply lost touch with this side of themselves. I continually look for new ways to approach life as art and help others look at life and their work differently. The energy and curiosity we had as children remain a part of us; we just need to invite it out to play. My goal is simply to help expand your creativity.

Serving as a creative catalyst (or creatalyst), I share strategies and tactics for reclaiming your innate gifts and turning ideas into action. This sharing is manifested through teaching workshops (like this one!), speaking engagements and writing – however I can best reach people like you. This is what gets me out of bed every single day.

Let’s go create something!


P.S. If you’re curious and would like to see my current photography projects, please go here.

P.P.S. I regularly present keynotes and lead workshops around the world, all with an emphasis on photography and/or creative thinking, which uses my photography for illustration. I’ve presented across five continents, from the US to Colombia to Hungary to New Zealand. In short, have passport, will travel!

If you’d like to book me to deliver a keynote or lead a workshop, please contact me. To download a copy of my speaker one-sheet, please click here.

A final thought I’d like to leave with you is that Take Amazing Photographs donates 10% of its net profit to arts and educational organizations.